Ruffin’ Mudder isn’t like the usual mud runs, it is a fur filled, 6 legged mud run!  That’s right, mudder enthusiasts get to bring their 4 legged best friend to ruff around in the mud!  This 5k will be barking fun, full of mud, fur and obstacles that both 2 and 4 legged mudders will enjoy!
Ruffin' Mudder proudly supports the Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue and will donate a portion of their proceeds to this great organization! 


Meet the dane on the shirt, Luke!
Luke is a deaf because of improper breeding and he is also partially blind due to severe head trauma he received in one of his previous homes. He came to Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue after living with two different families. In his first home he was not properly socialized and was picked on by his 4-legged siblings because of his disabilities. The other dogs would steal his food and beat up on him, which he has the scars to prove it! After a few months with his new foster family they decided they couldn’t live without him! They have been able to provide him with a loving home, where he is the only dog and gets all the attention! They communicate with Luke using sign language and he has learned a lot in the 2 years he has been with his forever family! “We are so grateful to RMGDRI for bringing Luke into our lives! He is more than just a dog, he is a companion, a friend and a very important part of our family!”
– Luke’s Mommy